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huckleberry ferry to four is company

I have been meaning to write so many things as of late; including my adventure to Fab Dog (another item off the list, baby!), planning my trip to Chicago, how my book is taking exponentially longer to read than I had anticipated— the length is of Biblical proportion—and other little rants and quirks. But I am currently in the middle of a huge transition that almost every adult will painfully endure in life: moving.

Which, by the way, I always joke with people saying that I’m a “fashion magazine” hoarder; but this week I realized that I truly truly am. I found an issue of Cosmo which I’m pretty sure is from summer of 2010. Also, how is it that I have acquired so much stuff in the course of 6 months or so? I could never be one of those wanderers you see in Medieval fantasy stories; or Johnny Depp in Chocolat. I can’t fit all my belongings in a river raft, you crazy! I don’t think I could fit all my hair/face/make up products all in one raft. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, I could fit it all on one raft…there just wouldn’t be much room for anything else.

Even though this process has been quite painful and is being expedited at a speed I did not anticipate, the end will soon justify the means. I will soon go from being uncomfortable and awkward at a “place of dwelling” to feeling… well, more at home.

So from this…


To this!


No, but seriously, I will be living with three guys. Ah, and another source of inspiration for my single year shall emerge from my new (infinitely better) living situation.